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Working with the Natural

Updated: May 31, 2021

We got to meet some two very cool clients who wanted to create a very natural and airy bathroom. They already had part of the master bathroom demo'd when we came for the estimate and we helped them see their vision for a new bathroom. Originally we discussed a shower install with a pebbled tile floor and tiled shower walls. What we found after some discussion was that they really wanted a concrete shower and we were game.

The fun part for me was getting to meet our distributor, Concrete Texturing LLC. the home of Kingdom Products [nope this blog ins't sponsored- we just like their stuff] and their Rep Stacy. Stacy helped walk me through all the info about the specialized concrete and learning all about the properties their product offered. We use many different types of concrete, stains and sealers in our outdoor concrete projects as well as a few indoor concrete projects. However shower projects are different, they require different sealers and concrete because shower products and cleaners! [This stuff also stands up to kitchen use- HELLLOO concrete counter tops ... Magnolia Silos we know your secret!] The suppliers we used in the past for these types of projects were not available and we wanted to make sure that this project was going to last a long time and be the best. Stacy helped us pick out the best product and sealer to ensure a long-term and sustainable shower for our clients.

Once we got the concrete the guys got to building. The clients wanted the bathroom to be open and airy with lots of natural light and didn't want a boxed in feeling while in the shower. They wanted a half wall with glass and no shower door. I know I know, how does this work with the water spray? It's all about the pitch- the guys know what they are doing, that's why they are the professionals. We provided what they wanted by using sturdy materials, this shower is not going to move- its built with cinder block and concrete! The glass is not shown here because it will be installed at a later time but the glass installers- they want to to it themselves.

This bathroom also has a custom built closet with a shelving unit and bi-folding doors. We installed the tile flooring, bath fan/light, toilet and vanity as well

We enjoyed making this bathroom for these clients, they are kind people who had a vision and we wanted to make it come true. We also got to work with super cool materials in the process.

If you have an idea for a project in your home - call us we will make it happen.

Check out more photos below:

Before: Client demo'd shower

You can see the previous plumbing that was used in the new shower, it was moved to accommodate the increased size of the shower. You can also see that there isn't a closet here.

Before: Light/mirror/vanity combo


This is during the construction of the shower - ensuring that the shower would not shake or leak.

During: Before Color accents were added

This was the shower before the color chosen color accents were added.

After: Panorama of the Finished Bathroom

Glass for shower and Mirror are being installed by glass installer

After: Shower with color accents

The clients sent a photo of what the accent was to look like and wanted us to go with the flow. Steve created this work of art making the colors look as though the water naturally flowed and dripped in those places similar to the photo provided.

After: Shower with color accents

After: Vanity and tile installed

Tile, baseboard, trim, painted walls, electrical, light fixture, sinks and fixtures all installed. Clients picked out the vanity and all fixtures. The mirror will be cut to size and installed with the shower glass.

After: Custom Built Closet

This closet wasn't here before- it was framed, built, electrical ran, lights installed, shelving installed, doors painted and installed, trim painted and installed.

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