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Oh So That's How Its Done: Concrete Vs. Cement

Updated: May 31, 2021

Let me just say that before Project Built I would not have cared about the difference between concrete and cement but there is a big difference and it matters on your job. Luckily the guys know the difference and they know the secrete recipe to make the perfect batch. [ Side note the entire time they were working on this project all I was thinking about was cakes and butter cream icing... ymmm]


Is the binder, there are two main type - geopolymer and Portland. It is rarely used on its own, rather it is normally used to bind an aggregate together- sand or rocks.


Made up of water, aggregate and Portland cement. Aggregate is rock, sand & gravel. Portland cement is usually in a powered form that acts as a binding agent when mixed with water and the aggregate.

So there it is, we call the gray stuff on the ground cement but its most likely concrete - a mixture of cement, aggregate and water.

For a majority of our projects we utilize forms, re bar and concrete to build a base for the project. For this small project we were creating a tiny concrete slab for a dumpster. Our first step was to rake and level the ground, the fun part was also utilizing the tamper to compact the soil. Next was a layer of road base.


Concrete is semi solid and can be manipulated. With that we are able to manipulate into many different forms, countertops, showers, slabs, side walks, driveways, patios, anything you can think of. The simple way to put it is that a form is a barrier to hold the concrete into a shape.


We are able to customize your concrete in a few different ways: staining, acid wash and color. We can also find new ways if you come to us with an idea.

We are happy to help answer any other questions if you have them!

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