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Oh, Oh, Oh We're Magic

Updated: May 31, 2021

So we've been posting about this addition for some time now and I have finally got a second between new Project Consultations, estimates and emails to sit and write about this amazing addition and family.

First and foremost let me say that I love Facebook and it's ability to bring people together. You're probability reading this because it was posted on Facebook, am I right? Well we met this wonderful couple by the power of Facebook and we got to bring their dream to life. She posted on a mom's group she was looking for someone to build her a master bathroom addition and I responded. We set up a free Project Consultation and BAM it was instant. The price was right the feeling was right and they picked us. We worked with their budget and vision, she had a photo of what she wanted, it would be custom designed and made specifically for their room. We worked through a couple of renderings to find the best lay out of the space and make sure if felt right and in the end they found the perfect layout for them.

The guys started working on the foundation December 1 digging with Big Blue, they were super excited. The foundation is a mixture of reinforced concrete footings and filled cinder blocks to allow access to plumbing. Next came framing of the floor and walls, insulation, sheet rock, Spackle, electrical and plumbing, you know the basics. This is the stuff you don't get to see and don't really want to see in the commercial breaks on HGTV, the stuff you think takes 2 seconds takes a few days plan and to set right. Its kinda boring but essential. It's the precision in these steps, the commercial breaks, that lead to a pristine finished product. This is the difference between us and 'the other guys', when you hire PBGC you're not getting the handyman to do your work, or getting a bunch of subs. You're going to get a team of skilled local 'guys' family men who aren't just going to hang around your home and wait your time or theirs. They are taking their time to get the job right so we DONT have to come back to fix it or do it again. We will come back if we need to, but we want to get the job done right the first time. We don't want you to call us later and tell us there is an issue. Sorry I digress... They then moved to the finishing work, texture, tiling the floor.

For the shower stall they utilized the Schluter System, this allows for a completely waterproof shower. They created the shower seat and niches using this system as well. The pebble flooring is a hit this year and we can see why. Once this was done they started on the best part... the Arch.

Now you're thinking, its an arch ok? so what... well this was her dream, she didn't want just any thing she wanted this:

Original Design Dream

This photo is what we based her whole vanity/arch combo on... we did good didn't we!

Her design was customized to her space and taste. Adjusting the cabinet design, colors and style to their preferences. The arch was built and then the guys took measurements to start building the cabinets to spec.

In the shop the guys built their cabinets, picking each piece of wood with its end purpose in mind. I kid you not they took a full day at the lumber yard just to be sure that each piece met its exact need. A lot of time and pride when into each piece and the cold didn't stop them either:

Once this was done they loaded them into the bus and to the new room and just in time because the weather was not our friend over the next couple of days and would have been a mess in the shop trying to stay warm and keep the wood at a happy temperature and humidity.

Next to get some special treatment was the marble stone, it needed some cuts and polishing. Eric took over this task with precision and skill. It was a little wet and cold but nothing stopped him.

On finishing day it was all hands on deck as they wanted to do a revel like no other. The amazing couple allowed me and my daughter to hang with their dog and chickens while the guys waited for me to take some photos. You could tell they were excited and had been waiting for this. Something as simple as a bathroom can truly brighten up your day after a long day's work. This couple works hard, raises great children and gives back to the environment with free range chickens, home raised gardens, and composting. Also their dogs are adorable, a hour long session of fetch can't slow down my toddler or their retriever.

Some might say that they are lucky to have this bathroom but we are the lucky ones who got to build it, we got to shower them, pun intended, with our skills and handwork and we are proud to have them be a part of the Project Built General Contracting family.

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