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Oh That's How its Done Series: The Beginning

Updated: May 31, 2021

We get questions all the time about what we do and why we do it the way we do. We are going to try to explain it to you the best we can and help you see the different layers of projects and the importance of those layers.

#1. THE PROJECT CONSULT - firstly we are going to come out and talk to you... GASP!! We have been told so many times that our clients have been stood up. We will not be doing that. We will contact you not just 1 time but most likely 2 times before the consult to confirm you will be there because your time is just as valuable as ours. Your free consult is normally scheduled within the first week of contact as long as our schedules align with yours. Then we work over your project as a team. Each member of our team gives a unique perspective to your project and its this team effort that gives you the best outcome. You will then get a call or email with a ballpark number of your project, if this meets your budget and you are interested we will ask the question: "are you saying yes to the project?"

Now each project is different, there are times the guys will come out and do a walk through or stake out your project so they can get precise measurements, proportions, materials, etc. after the consult to give you the most accurate numbers and timeline.

#2 THE SCHEDULE AND DEPOSIT - to ensure the work is done and timely we get you on the schedule after you say YES! to the project. We require a deposit to hold your spot to make sure we don't get stood up, it has happened and we don't want it to happen again. This deposit holds your spot and it also starts our Client Coordinators, Sara and Emily, getting your project specifics on order. Emily is also our Main Scheduler and she handles all the deposits. We sometimes book months in advance. I know, I know this seems crazy but some larger projects take weeks to complete and because we take pride in our work, people wait for it. When we finish the job you will see why clients wait weeks to months for Project Built to complete their project and keep coming back for more. Once you pay your deposit and get on the schedule we get into the fun stuff:

#3 THE ESTIMATE and PROJECT DRAFTING - This stage is where you will work mostly with us, Sara and Emily the Client Coordinators getting the specifics of your job picked out. This is the colors, textures, fixtures, flooring, lights, doors, etc. This is also were we do the fun renderings and help you visualize your project. Once we get these pieces set we can get you a formalized itemized estimated cost of you project, it will be close to the ballpark number provided at the Consultation. WHY is an estimate not given at the consult you ask? Well because we don't know what you are going to ultimately choose-if we give you an estimate for a project based on a basic material list with the run of the mill, awesome but standard, building materials and you decide you want top tier materials, then the estimate is incorrect and you will not be happy with the final bill. In order to ensure that you are happy with the build and the bill we make sure to walk you through this estimate and drafting process before we build. It is important you are open and honest with us during this process. We are tough we can take it, please tell us if you are unhappy, we will find a way to fix it.

#4 THE PROJECT - depending on the size and type of your project it make take a day or it can take a month. The timeline is estimated in the consult and again in the estimate and then solidified in the schedule. The week or 2 before your project start date we will confirm with you that you are still ready to start. Then a few days before we will set up a starting time for the guys to come out on Day 1, from there we will set up a good time to start daily. We will ask if we can place a yard sign in your yard, its attractive you're gonna like it, and it will hang out for a bit with us. The guys will work the job until it is done and cleaned up. As the project progresses we encourage you to take a look and make sure its what you like, and its on track. Just be prepared its always ugly during the process and we are sure to clean it all up in the end. We take special care not to harm surrounding plant life, animal life, structures etc. on the last day we make sure to walk through the project with you to ensure it has met your expectations.

#5 THE PAYMENT - We accept Cash, Check and all major credit Credit Cards. You will be presented with a payment schedule at the start of your project to show you how we bill out, we like to be transparent. There is a 3% fee for our merchant services when using a credit card.

#6 THE AFTERCARE- What do ya know, many projects have aftercare to keep them looking their best, from bathroom tile, to back splashes and decks. We will have another blog dedicated to each, we will send you a link to your specific project via email so you're not reading about concrete care for your Kitchen back splash.

Hope this helps explain our process, for the most part its simple. We are going to talk to you, we will make sure you know what is happening every step of the way and we encourage questions and comments. When you hire Project Built You become part of the Family.

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